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Studios range in size and design, for example a smaller lower ceiling space would suit table/desk working routine such as ceramicist or jeweller, other studios have daylight roof panels which optimise higher ceiling wall-space for painters or large-scale sculpture or installation art.

Studios are self-contained, with at least one double plug socket and 24 hour access. The communal aspects of the property comprise kitchen, kiln space, large project space, car/cycle parking and wifi internet access. Many useful hardware and materials shops are nearby and a large supermarket is just around the corner.

Studio price is mostly based on size, with factors such as light also being taken into account. Prices start at around £70/month for a small space (60 sq ft) up to £190 for the largest spaces (180 sq ft).

Apply for Studio Space

After applying for a studio space (using the form below) you will be placed on the EVA waiting list and contacted following these main criteria, in order of date of registration and by matching your space requirements & budget to availability, and suitability of practice to the space.

To apply for a studio space and be placed on the waiting list we require some information from you and the simplest way is to complete the contact form below. We will contact you when an appropriate workspace becomes available.


Small sized space with window
Medium sized space with good light
Large sized space with a high ceiling