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C D Lewis

Artist Biography

Based in Dartmoor, CD Lewis is an associate artist of Eva Studios, and Trevor Pitt’s SpaceX initiative Preston Street Union.
Currently a student of Turps Art School (CC 2022-24), her former art education includes St Martin’s School of Art.
She is also a pioneer of contemporary dance, named as the first black woman to join LCDT (The Place, London WC1) as a principal dancer, and choreographer in 1974.

Artist Statement

CD Lewis’ lived experience has culminated in the realisation that each person has a life as vivid and complex as your own.
‘THE PHENOMENON OF BEING’ this thought, is the work-ideas that transcend individual identity, reaching for the “nature of existence, the phenomenon of being”.
The works address ideas surrounding the nature of existence; the phenomenon of being, influences and reflections of contemporary culture and society. How our environment affects us and how we affect our environment.