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C D Lewis

Artist Biography

Based in Dartmoor, CD Lewis is an associate artist of Eva Studios, and Trevor Pitt’s SpaceX initiative Preston Street Union.
Currently a student of Turps Art School (CC 2022-24), her former art education includes St Martin’s School of Art.
She is also a pioneer of contemporary dance, named as the first black woman to join LCDT (The Place, London WC1) as a principal dancer, and choreographer in 1974.

Artist Statement

My lived experience has culminated in the realisation that to be human is to be vital, complex and, as in the Nature that surrounds us, is a temporary arrangement.

With these complexities in mind, the core of my practice is about my personal experience of discovering and explaining the real world.

I abstract the figure, found images, text and objects from the real world, to create something that takes on a life of its own in the canvas world.

My studio practice is to take these resources and extend their expressive potential by abstracting them through drawing using oil paint, watercolour, ink and charcoal.